• Food Processing - Teflon Baking Pan

    Tip: This article is automatically translated by Google, the original Chinese version: products can be used in the food processing industry.

    2019/06/21 11

  • Printing and dyeing - Teflon open mesh conveyor belt

    The Teflon open mesh belt has the following characteristics:1. High temperature resistance from low temperature to minus 70 degrees Celsius, long-term high temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, and maxi

    2019/05/21 6

  • Sealing machine application - seamless seam sealing belt

    Sealing machine application - seamless seam sealing beltTaixing Kaipeng uses the superior glass fiber yarn to weave the jointless base tape, and is immersed in PTFE fluororesin for repeated firing, pr

    2019/03/24 13

  • Office/decoration - sunshade

    与PVC窗帘织物相比,有以下几个明显的优点: 1、防火等级可达A级 2、自洁 3、抗紫外线 4、能在织物上或纯彩色织物上打印图像 5、防霉 6、食品等级与生态 7、10~15年保修8、柔软,可以折叠

    2019/02/21 13

  • Clothing machinery - Teflon fusing machine belt

    Teflon products are also often used in the garment machinery industry, mainly fusing machines (also known as adhesive liners, ironing liners, press liners, etc.), used as conveyor belts, called T

    2018/12/21 53

  • Sealing machine application - Teflon tape

    Teflon tape for sealing machine is made of high-strength fiberglass cloth. It is fully impregnated with PTFE PTFE Teflon resin. It is surface-activated and coated with high temperature resistant press

    2018/11/21 32

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