Food Processing - Teflon Baking Pan

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Teflon products can be used in the food processing industry. One of the applications is to use as a baking mat. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oil proof, water resistance, anti-sticking and reusable. The surface is smooth and the material is light. Anti-sticking effect, any need to prevent the stain can be used. It is generally made of Teflon cloth with a thickness of 0.13mm. Our Teflon baking plate has been certified by the US FDA and SGS. The food grade material is safe and safe. It can be used in the dishwasher and can be directly in contact with food.

Teflon baking pan can be used for food heating or oven gaskets. It can be placed on pots, pots and other containers when the food is heated. It is placed on the bottom of the oven or on the bottom grill when used for the oven gasket. When placed in the bottom of the oven, the steam oven gasket should not be placed directly on the bottom.

Instructions for use

1. Before use, please clean it, wipe it with a soft cloth and then use it.

2. After use, clean and store in a dry place.

Tips: can be customized according to customer specifications