Printing and dyeing - Teflon open mesh conveyor belt

The Teflon open mesh belt has the following characteristics:

1. High temperature resistance from low temperature to minus 70 degrees Celsius, long-term high temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, and maximum of 400 degrees Celsius

2, most of the chemicals and solvents do not affect the corrosion resistance

3, for all kinds of adhesives such as paints, resins, chemicals, etc. can be easily cleaned anti-stick properties

4, high tensile strength and fatigue resistance for smaller wheels

In the textile printing and dyeing industry, printing and drying industry, screen printing industry and other industries widely agree, UV light solid, offset printing, non-woven fabric drying, loose drying, high frequency drying, food baking, temperature control drying room, ink Rapid drying and other drying machine machinery are used in large quantities.

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