Clothing machinery - Teflon fusing machine belt

Teflon products are also often used in the garment machinery industry, mainly fusing machines (also known as adhesive liners, ironing liners, press liners, etc.), used as conveyor belts, called Teflon fusing machine belts.

The Teflon bonding machine belt is a high-temperature belt-type pressing and bonding belt made of Teflon-coated glass fiber cloth. It is divided into jointless, double-layer composite and seam-bonded according to its interface form. Machine belt.

1, seamless fusing machine belt


The jointless base material is woven with the superior glass fiber yarn, and the PTFE fluororesin is repeatedly coated with the fluorocarbon resin, and the product is carefully cut, carefully inspected, and packaged reasonably. The jointless sealing machine seal eliminates the joint breakage, joint jump, joint circumference and other joints caused by the joint connection, lamination connection and thermocompression connection of other sealing tapes, resulting in deviation and poor running stability. The problem is that the service life is several times longer than that of the Teflon sealer with seams.

2, double-layer composite bonding machine belt

The double-layer composite bonding machine belt adopts double-layer design to increase the strength. The outer layer is resistant to Teflon cloth and the inner layer is made of anti-static Teflon cloth. The overall thickness is uniform, the anti-deviation performance is good, the surface is smooth, and the service life is large. improve.

3, seam bonding machine belt

The use of high-quality high-strength Teflon cloth, the surface is smooth, the price is low, and the cost is effectively reduced.