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Congratulations on the launch of our new factory

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In June 2018, Taixing K-fab Technology & Materials Co., Ltd. invested 30 million yuan in the new plant area. The new district address is located in the roots industrial cluster area of Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 15 acres, from the G2 Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Taixing North Exit 2 Kilometers, convenient transportation, good conditions for entering and leaving the ship, mainly new integrated workshops, experimental office buildings, and ancillary buildings.

The completion of the new factory has brought a clean and orderly production and working environment to our employees as well as a spacious and bright canteen. At the same time, 8 sets of production equipment and 13 sets of test equipment were added to the production equipment, which laid a solid foundation for the company to improve the overall quality and long-term development of the equipment.


All employees of K-fab firmly believe that the brand-new corporate image indicates that the company will welcome everyone to take the enterprise as the home, respect the profession, and work hard to develop and prosper. In particular, we can get the support and help from new and old customers and friends from all walks of life. Our products and our business will usher in a new glory and develop towards the leading enterprises in the industry!