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  • What is the difference and connection between Teflon mesh belt and Teflon conveyor belt?

    Teflon mesh belt and Teflon conveyor belt, which are literally only 2 words in length, work as a transmission belt in use, but the application scenario and performance are quite different. So how do y

    2019/07/21 11

  • Teflon tape residual glue (overflow) problem analysis and clearing coup

    The problem of residual rubber of Teflon tape is a problem often encountered with Teflon tape, and some people call it the problem of overflow glue. The so-called residual glue (overfill) problem is t

    2019/07/21 13

  • Silicone Fabric type fire performance test method

    UL94 is the standard for the flammability test of plastic parts of equipment and electrical appliances. The fireproof performance of silicone cloth is generally used in this standard, a total of 12 fi

    2019/07/21 15

  • What kind of Teflon mesh belt is needed for UV curing machine

    UV curing machine is also known as UV curing furnace. It uses high temperature ultraviolet light to cure the resin. Due to the characteristics of ultraviolet light, the brown Teflon mesh belt often tu

    2019/07/21 9

  • The phenomenon, cause and solution of Teflon conveyor deviation

    Teflon conveyor belt deviation is one of the most common failures of conveyors using Teflon conveyor belts. There are many reasons for deviation. The main reason is the low installation accuracy and p

    2019/07/21 9

  • Teflon conveyor belt slippage causes and treatment methods

    特氟龙输送带跑偏是使用特氟龙输送带的输送机最常见的故障之一。跑偏的原因有多种,其主要原因是是安装精度低和日常的维护保养差,下面总结了一些常见的原因及解决办法,供各类使用特氟龙输送带的输送机维护人员参考。使用特氟龙输送带的输送机在安装过程中,头尾滚筒、中间托辊之间尽量在同一中心线上,并且相互平行,以确保输送带不偏或少偏。另外,带子接头要正确,两侧周长应相同。 特氟龙输送机打滑的现象、原因及

    2019/07/21 55

  • How to choose the color of the Teflon mesh belt (brown / black)

    Teflon mesh belt is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite new product which is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion and impregnated with high-performance glass fiber mesh cloth. It

    2019/07/21 33

  • How to clean the Teflon mesh belt with paint?

    Teflon mesh belts are often contaminated by such items during use, and contamination with paint is a common occurrence. So, what method can I use to clean the Teflon mesh belt after it has been painte

    2016/07/21 41

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