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How to clean the Teflon mesh belt with paint?

Teflon mesh belts are often contaminated by such items during use, and contamination with paint is a common occurrence. So, what method can I use to clean the Teflon mesh belt after it has been painted? And listen to me.

The main components of the paint are oil, resin, pigment, thinner and auxiliary materials. From the consideration of its composition, we can easily obtain chemical solvents that can dissolve the paint, and then choose not to damage the surface of the Teflon mesh belt in these solvents. It is easy to find, that is, with acetone or pyrrolidone, these two solvents can easily dissolve the paint, and it is convenient to dissolve the paint without damaging the Teflon mesh belt.

Note: These two organic solvents are harmful to the skin and will dissolve the plastic powder and epoxy surface. Wear a mask and latex gloves when handling.

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